Success Stories


My name is Amanda, a new mom, and I can't tell you how thankful I am for Dr Krebs and the Webster technique. I was 38 weeks pregnant and had just been scheduled for a c-section for the following week since my baby was breech.   My OBGYN said there was very little chance this late in the pregnancy that the baby was going to turn again.  Disappointed that I would not be able to give birth naturally, I called some close friends (chiropractors in CA) who told me about the Webster Technique.  They recommended I find a chiropractor that was trained in the technique here in Austin and get adjusted.  That's when I met Dr Krebs.  He spent about half an hour on the phone explaining to me exactly how the technique worked and why it has had success with breech babies.  I came in on a Friday and got an adjustment, which was very gentle, only adjusting my sacrum, not at all moving the baby.  Only a few days later at my next weeks Dr.'s appointment the baby had turned head down and the c-section was cancelled!!  My OBGYN was amazed and I was relieved!  I continued to see Dr Krebs and a few weeks later I gave birth to a healthy baby boy. He was 10 days late, but when he came out, he came out the right way and I never had to have a c-section!  Thanks again Dr Krebs!

Since I was a little girl playing with my dolls I knew that I wanted to be a Mommy. Then, I met my soul mate and love of my life - Jason! We have been married for almost 5 years now. We had a baby plan before we even got engaged which included a one year waiting period after our nuptials to enjoy our time together before we tried for our bundle of joy.  We attempted 3 times, but were unable to maintain the pregnancies to full term. My OB sent me to several different specialists for tests, but they all came back normal and we never got any answers. I was extremely devastated, depressed, upset & felt as if it was my own fault (even though I knew it wasn’t).

After telling one of my girlfriends about all of our horrific pregnancy stories, she suggested a wellness chiropractor. I'll admit that I was a little skeptical at first, and wasn’t sure how it could help, but by this time I was open to anything.  I had been experiencing low back pain around my menstrual cycles so I thought at least it would help minimize my symptoms. 

I scheduled a consultation and examination with Dr. Krebs in September 2012. I had no idea how crooked my spine was until after my first visit. Dr. Krebs is extremely personable & nice. He explained the relationship of my low back pain with my reproductive organs.  We discussed a treatment plan for my low back pain, but he made no guarantees that the adjustments would help with the pregnancy.  He demonstrated everything that would be involved in the treatments to make me feel comfortable.  I had several treatments from September until December.  My low back felt much better and my spirits were much higher.  Jason and I decided to try again, and sure enough became pregnant in 2012.  We decided not to tell anyone for a long time, since our troubles had not been getting pregnant, but staying pregnant.  I continued routine checkups with Dr. Krebs to make sure that my spine was aligned throughout the pregnancy.  On September 19 2013, almost exactly 1 year from first speaking with Dr. Krebs, we welcomed Kaelee Jean Carr into our family.  I can even brag to my friends (if I wanted to) that I had her all natural and only pushed for an hour. So, YES the power of a wellness chiropractor does work. Jason and I are over the moon and still on cloud 9 with our little girl who will be 4 months old soon.


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